“Geneve’s structural edit has allowed me to take my novel to new depths that I couldn’t have done without her. Her depth of understanding of characters, narration and world building was exactly what I was looking for. Not only did she provide insightful knowledge, but provided extra time to go over any questions that I had. It was delightful to work with Geneve and I would do so again.” 

Laura Bartlett – YA Fantasy author

Like any good team coach, Geneve never lowers the bar on structural excellence or commercial viability; my stories are empowered due to her professional support. The extent of Geneve’s structural appraisals demonstrates her commitment to analysing my writing. Geneve has a skill for describing how potential weaknesses impact throughout the manuscript. With her depth of understanding of my work, it is a delight to discuss improvements to my writing with Geneve.”

Rob McLarenHistorical fiction author

“Geneve’s structural review was exactly what my novel needed and it covered so much more than I thought when I heard structural. It was thorough and clearly explained, with helpful examples and actionable suggestions. She is the unicorn in reviewing that has the remarkable ability to point out critical weaknesses but in such a way as to make you excited to get to work improving them. She has a deep knowledge of the genres and storytelling conventions and a sharp eye for detail, using them to help you tell your story better. I came out of the review process with a clearer view of my work, a plan to improve it and the enthusiasm to get started. It was a pleasure to work with her and I’d happily do so again.”

Keeley O’Grady – Fantasy author

“Thank you, Geneve, for inspiring me to rewrite my novel by pointing out the strengths in such a positive and encouraging manner. Your structural edit provided me with many ideas and possible techniques I could use to tighten up weaker areas and improve the plot arc, characters and voice. I felt what you provided was like doing a ten-week course on writing focusing on what I needed to work on. A very in-depth and intelligent critique, in a down-to-earth and encouraging tone. Highly recommended.​”

Dan Efraemson – Middle-grade fantasy author

“Better than a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style in your back pocket, Geneve Flynn offers insightful, actionable suggestions to strengthen your work. Professional, thorough, and a pleasure to work with, she is, quite simply, a world-class editor.”

Lee Murray – Award-winning editor of Hellhole: An Anthology of Subterranean Terror.

“Geneve Flynn did an excellent and professional job of editing my short story. Not only did she indicate much-needed improvements but also what was well-written. Her feedback gave me both confidence in writing and certainty with how to refine the story. I’m happy to recommend her to anyone who needs story edits.”

Aiki Flinthart – Author of fifteen science fiction/fantasy fiction novels and Fight Like a Girl, an author’s guide for writing fight scenes. Aiki has also published multiple speculative short stories, and been several times short-listed for the Aurealis Awards and twice top-8 listed in the USA Writers of the Future Competition.

“Since working with Geneve, I have come a long way as a writer. What began as an amateur manuscript with unexciting endings finished as a professionally formatted document with well-structured stories that I am confident to submit for publishing. The lessons that I learned through Geneve’s meticulous feedback are unforgettable and have made me re-think the way I plan and structure my new stories. Geneve often provided links for further reading and always backed up her corrections with current trends and research. I felt safe knowing that Geneve is not only an editor, but also a writer; this became evident when she provided examples for suggested revisions. They were always on point and written with a voice that emulated my own. She was extremely professional to work with and I would recommend her to all writers, both amateur and established.”

Scott Wilton – Children’s short story collection author

“Geneve Flynn did an outstanding job editing my novel and I was delighted with her attention to detail and explanation of necessary changes. Geneve stressed the importance of the narrative’s flow and the need to keep the reader engaged with stronger dialogue and the elimination of wordiness. I greatly appreciated her drawing attention to certain inconsistences with the central character and fantasy world in my novel. These are just a few of Geneve’s strengths, and when I received the edited manuscript, I knew I had chosen the right editor for the novel’s genre. Geneve is a meticulous and highly-skilled editor in every sense.”

Kathryn Walls – Historical fantasy crime author

“A good editor will help you get your manuscript up to speed but a great editor will also help you improve as a writer and Geneve falls into the latter category.  Knowing why an edit was made is sometimes just as important as the change itself and Geneve provides clear and concise explanations which I found very helpful.  She has a fantastic understanding of the mechanics of writing as well as the art of storytelling.  She is very professional with her correspondence and feedback and able to deliver her work in a timely manner.  I highly recommend her and look forward to hopefully working with her again in the future.”

S.F. Hick – YA author of Tempo, book 1 of The Unimaginables series.

“Geneve was a professional from start to finish. From prompt email correspondence to returning my manuscript with concise and detailed amendments/suggestions—Geneve is not only a razor-sharp editor—she has a writer’s eye as well. Every formatting change and structural recommendation not only improved the quality of my manuscript but also enhanced its overall readability. I am more than happy to recommend her editing services to any writer looking to greatly improve their manuscript.”

Michael Batchelor – Author, Animal Circus 
“Geneve Flynn has been a godsend to me, as a young fledgling author. She was referred to me by another editor because of her specialty in fantasy fiction, and I wasn’t disappointed. Geneve provided a copy edit service, and she refined my work beautifully. It was necessary to have someone with her experience and knowledge of my manuscript genre work with me, as there are a lot of nuanced details in fantasy which she made shine.

I recommend Geneve Flynn to anyone looking for a thorough and refined copy edit, particularly if your manuscript is fantasy or young adult genre.

I will definitely work with her again in the future.

Thanks again for your wonderful work and helping to develop my first novel to a professional level for submission to publishers.”

Cliff Ellis – YA fantasy author

“Geneve Flynn has that finely attuned, complex skill set the role of editor utterly demands. She is adept with distilling the author’s intent from a draft, even as the work takes shape. Well versed in the nuances of the publishing market, Geneve is also sensitive to the evolving expectations of our audiences. She frames her editorial insight with concrete evidence and literary technique–with the added treasure of her grace, integrity and a bit of her trademark humour. Writers are challenged but always inspired to continue the journey ahead of them. In short, our work together as editors, presenters, and as writers too, stand among the most rewarding experiences of my career.”

Lauren Elise Daniels – Author, Editor, Director of the Brisbane Writers Workshop

“I couldn’t be happier with Geneve Flynn’s fantastic editing skills. She has slashed the deadweight slowing down my prose and whipped my stories into something better than I could have hoped for. Great work Gene, I’ll certainly be working with you again in the future.”

Allan Walsh Fantasy and dark fiction author

“Quality work and friendliness is why I chose Geneve Flynn to do the final editing of my book, Frankie Goes Home. It felt right as she understood how important this children’s book was to me and the reason I wrote it. She was organised and easy to work with. I had a great experience and was pleased with the final print. I never had to wait too long which made it easy for me to finish it on schedule. I will use Geneve’s outstanding editing again for all my books.”

Sanet Smit Author/Scriptwriter

“Geneve Flynn is a talented editor with a good insight into developing a manuscript to its full potential. Geneve’s skills include giving advice on character and story development, on how to re-structure the manuscript as well as finer editing corrections of spelling, grammar and punctuation.”

Karen Tyrrell Mental health and children’s fiction author and speaker  

“Gen has an absolute flair when it comes to critiquing a manuscript. She has an eye for detail that is so rarely seen, and is a master in spotting errors in continuity. She displays a genuine interest in helping writers to shape their work to be the best it can possibly be.

Her feedback is given in a manner that does not cause distress nor a desire to give up writing forever. Gen is very skilled at wording feedback so that it brings out the desire to improve work, rather than give it all away.

Her feedback is laced with reasons as to why what has been written doesn’t work and how to improve the written work. Her knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation is very comprehensive and this is shown in her corrections and suggestions.

Gen has a very approachable manner about her. She is genuinely interested in helping other writers, and knows how to do this without hurting feelings or turning people off writing forever.”

Michaela Sanderson – YA fiction author

“In 2013 I was a member of a writing group, which met at Loganholme library. While there I was privileged to meet and work with Geneve Flynn, a talented writer and editor. It was always a pleasure to receive a critique from Geneve, as not only did she pick up on any minor grammatical mistake, but she was usually spot-on with the deeper issues of character motivation and narrative flow.”

Janice GallenCrime fiction author

 “Geneve has all the skills many of us yearn for. Her ability to give a comprehensive assessment of a piece of writing is truly awesome. She is able to highlight what works, what does not, and gives suggestions re: improving the work.  Geneve covers such things as plot idea, conflict, narrative, hooks, pace, dialogue, character motivation, text integration, line edits and description and sensory detail.”

Jan Mills – Children’s fiction author

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