Follow that path.

secret-3120483_1920Why do you write the things you do? Where do the ideas come from? These are two of my favourite questions to ask authors. I like to discover the winding path to the page almost as much as I like to read the actual story itself. My short story, ‘The Pontianak’s Doll’ will be published in Lost Souls, a Gothic Fantasy anthology this September. If you’re curious about how some of the stories in this gorgeous collection emerged, head over to Flame Tree Publishing’s blog.

lost souls



A New Home for a Lost Soul

lost souls

My short story, ‘The Pontianak’s Doll’ will be republished in the Lost Souls Gothic Fantasy short story anthology in September this year. The anthology will be brought out by Flame Tree Publishing and will feature many new writers as well as classic masters of the Gothic tale such as M.R. James, Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Here’s a link to the blog post from Flame Tree Publishing if you’d like to learn more.

Play Things & Past Times

Play Things & Past Times 314x500

For some, childhood is a rosy memory, filled with sunshine and daisy chains.  For me, childhood is a murkier thing, with large, booming characters, unspoken mysteries and shifting shadows in the corner of the eye.

‘The Pontianak’s Doll’ is a little short horror story I wrote, looking back through my own childhood and capturing some of those feelings and moments.  I’m very excited to say that it has been published in the Play Things and Past Times anthology by KnightWatch Press and is now available through Amazon or via the KnightWatch Press site.






When Small Victories feel Big


A little while ago, I wrote about how there had only been small victories on my writing journey.

I’ve just received news that in the overall scheme of things, isn’t a big victory, but to my geeky little writer’s heart, feels HUGE.

The Pontianak’s Doll, a short horror story based on a Malaysian myth has been accepted by Knightwatch Press, a British publisher, for their Playrooms anthology. The anthology will be released and launched in October 2015 at Fantasycon.

This news was exciting enough in itself, but then I found out that John Connolly is going to be a guest presenter at Fantasycon. John Connolly is one of my favourite authors, not because of his more well-known crime series, but for his brooding and brilliant short fiction.

I had the privilege of meeting John Connolly at Genrecon in 2013 where he signed my well-loved copy of Nocturnes and I conducted myself with considerably more poise than when I met Hugh Howey. John Connolly won’t be launching Playrooms (as far as I know), but just to have my story appear in the same convention as Mr Connolly will be a delight.