A New Home for a Lost Soul

lost souls

My short story, ‘The Pontianak’s Doll’ will be republished in the Lost Souls Gothic Fantasy short story anthology in September this year. The anthology will be brought out by Flame Tree Publishing and will feature many new writers as well as classic masters of the Gothic tale such as M.R. James, Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. Here’s a link to the blog post from Flame Tree Publishing if you’d like to learn more.


Thirsty for some dark Christmas fiction?


Shades of Santa: Tales from the Bloody North Pole is a collection of thirty-seven dark flash fiction tales with all proceeds going to charity:water. 663 million people in the world today live without access to clean water. Charity:water is a non-profit organisation bringing clean, safe water to people in developing countries.

My story, ‘Teatime’ is the tale of the wicked Miss Maisy, her devoted manservant, Mr Poole and Juniper, Winter’s child. It appears in the section of the anthology on Snow People and I hope it stirs a shiver or two up your spine.

If you’re thirsty for some fabulous frosty fiction, check out the anthology on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

Shades of SantaAvailable now



A Special Breed is ALIVE


The Darkest Depths anthology was launched in November and celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Vision Writers Group.

Vision was founded by Marianne de Pierres and Rowena Cory Daniells in 1996 to develop Australian speculative fiction, and continues to cultivate talented, committed writers.

I’m happy to say that my short story is part of the festivities.

‘A Special Breed’ tells the tale of a travelling show and the legend of the Apis bull. It was one of those stories that was triggered by something I overheard; and from there, the characters muscled their way on to the page, demanding an ending that surprised me, even as I wrote it.

I hope it surprises you too.

Darkest Depths can be purchased from Amazon. Simply click here.