Editing Services

It is a lovely thing, to reach ‘the end’ on your manuscript.

You’ve spent months, even years getting to this point. You may have spent countless hours rewriting and reworking your story.

How do you know that the glorious, funny, frightening tale in your head has translated to the page?

After so much time immersed in the world of your story, it is often difficult to step back and see the weaknesses and inconsistencies in the writing. Here is where the objective eye of a keen editor can help you.

About me:

I’m an associate member of the Institute of Professional Editors ltd (IPEd) and I co-facilitate creative writing classes with Brisbane Writers’ Workshop. I’m a submissions reader for the Aurealis magazine and I’ve been writing since 2007. I’m a proud member of the Queensland Writers Centre, Vision Writers Group, Australasian Horror Writers Association and Horror Writers Association.

I have edited and critiqued a broad range of manuscripts, including children’s fiction, young adult fiction, speculative fiction (science fiction, horror and fantasy), short stories, and novel-length manuscripts.

Here are the two levels of editing that I can provide:

Structural editing:

This is the first step in helping your story to shine. My process involves a read and review of your manuscript, looking at overall strengths and weaknesses. I provide a 10-15 page report covering elements of plot, pacing, setting, writing style, character, dialogue and editorial focus. The report includes positive feedback and concrete suggestions on how to rework your manuscript.

Copy editing:

The focus here is on the finer details of your manuscript. Using Track Changes and Comments, I go through your work line by line, checking for spelling, sentence structure, grammar, typographical errors, punctuation, word choice and factuality.  I also provide a brief 1-2 page report on structural issues such as plot, characterisation and dialogue.

A cost-effective third option:

Express editorial report:

This includes a lighter structural edit of your manuscript (a 4-5 page report) and a copy edit of the first 10 pages. This gives you a sound understanding of the overall issues in the manuscript and brings sentence-level corrections to your attention.

Once you’ve addressed any structural issues, you can apply the copy editing suggestions from the first 10 pages to the rest of the manuscript: errors that appear in the first few chapters are often present throughout the entire work.

This results in a cleaner manuscript, free of simple errors that would otherwise take time for an editor to correct.

You may then wish to consider a full copy edit.

What type of editing service is right for you?

The different levels of editing can sometimes cross over and it can be difficult to know which is appropriate for your manuscript. For this reason, I recommend a sample edit of your writing (usually 3,000 words) to show you how I work and to ensure my editing style suits your requirements.  I can then provide you with an accurate quote for the turnaround time and the total fee for your edit.


Please feel free to contact me for a sample edit and quote.  I look forward to working with you!





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