Done is better than perfect.


Sometimes, you just have to let it burn.

A few months ago, a friend said something that struck a nerve: ‘Done is better than perfect’. My brain exploded. Now I know how other people cram so much stuff into their lives.

One of my friends writes tens of thousands of words a week. I think she hit half a million words in nine months. Half a million. Her name is Talitha Kalago and if you’d like to read her tips on how she does it, check out her site here.

Another decided she no longer wanted to work for an employer and launched her business two years ago. By all accounts, it’s a thriving success. Visit Head Strong Training for all your workplace mental health training needs.

Another works full time and has a family. He’s published three books and is making inroads to placing them in libraries and local bookshops. If you like fantasy with action and magic, check out Allan’s site.

How? They did it by getting comfortable with ‘good enough’ and not waiting for ‘perfect’.

That ‘good enough’ could be the timing of an opportunity, or the rewrites of a competition entry, or a manuscript. If you spend all your time endlessly fiddling or tweaking, aiming for perfection, you’ll start to believe that nothing you produce is ever going to be good enough, or that the timing isn’t ever right. You’ll have all your hopes pinned on one opportunity, and if it falls through, you’ll have nothing else.

I’m not saying send out work that’s slapdash and written the night before a deadline; that disrespects the reader and shortcuts the all-important rewriting process. Take your time. Rewrite. Impose on your beta readers. Make it as good as you can.

Then be brave and launch it out into the world. If it crashes and burns, so be it. But by that time, you’ll have moved on to something else, you’ll be writing another story, you’ll be working to get better.

You’ll be so busy getting stuff done that you won’t have a second thought for perfect


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